Moving Company Advertising: A Strategy to Land More Moving Jobs

What does Advertising for a Moving Company look like?

Advertising is a function of your overall marketing plan or strategy for your moving company. The goal of advertising is to communicate with or get the attention of the customer who will use your moving company services either now or in the future. A strong advertising campaign will keep the name of your moving company- and your brand- in front of potential moving customers. If your advertising plan is effective; when those customers are ready to buy moving services, your name will come quickly to mind and your information will be easy to find. At Moving Company Marketing, we can help you to evaluate your current advertising plan and make the changes and improvements needed to increase your leads and make more sales.
Moving Marketing Company Services

What are the Best Advertising Ideas for Your Moving Company?

There are many advertising ideas that you can implement for your moving company. We have listed some of the best advertising strategies below, and divided them into two categories: free advertising and paid advertising.

Free Moving Company Advertising

It is important to remember that free advertising may not require an investment of money, but it does, however, require an investment of time, energy, and a commitment to consistency. Some free advertising options for moving companies are:

  • Free SEO: Appear higher on search engine results by regularly posting quality articles, guides, how-tos, etc. Be sure to research, use, and adjust appropriate keywords and phrases.
  • Social Media Presence: It is important to post engaging social media content to the platforms that your customers use. Be sure to do this frequently and consistently.
  • Word of Mouth/Referrals: Always ask your satisfied customers to recommend your services to other movers.
  • Local Networking: Join the local chapter of a service organization such as the Rotary Club or Kiwanis. Other local business leaders, including realtors and loan officers, are often members and important connections and introductions can be made.
  • Community Volunteering: Consider making your moving vans and labor available to local charities that could use help with transporting items such as Goodwill. In the local community, this is priceless.

Free Moving Company Advertising

Paid advertising, if done correctly, will likely yield results more quickly than free advertising. Be sure, however, to set a budget for how much money your moving company can invest in paid advertising, and stick to it. Results of paid advertising should be tracked and evaluated often. If the desired results (new leads, new clients) are not achieved, changes must be made to the advertising campaign. Some paid advertising options for moving companies are:

  • PPC (pay per click) Ads: Platforms such as Google Ads and Bing will allow you to set up a campaign for a predetermined dollar amount. You only pay for the ads that result in a click through to your site.
  • Mailers: Investing in a high quality, targeted mailing list paired with an eye catching and relevant mailer can yield big results in terms of new leads.
  • Social Media Ads: Your target customers likely browse social media sites like FaceBook every day. Placing carefully targeted ads can be a valuable source of new leads.
  • Sponsorship of a Local Event: Consider sponsoring a community event or a local team. This is a great way to increase the visibility of your company name and to build ties in your community.

Let the experts at Moving Company Marketing work with you to plan, implement and maintain a dynamic and highly effective advertising plan for your moving company that will get results! Moving Company Marketing is currently available to take on exclusive clients in select regional areas. If you would like to be considered as a client, we advise that you act today! Fill out the information form below and Josh, our Rhino in Moving Company Marketing, will be in contact with you. You will be sent our Movers’ Marketing Cheat Sheet and able to schedule your marketing audit with Josh.

Moving Marketing Company Services

Category: Marketing Published: August 3, 2020

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