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How to use Social Media to Reach More Moving & Storage Clients

Your Moving And Storage Customers Are On Social Media... Are You?

According to a 2020 study by BroadbandSearch, a whopping 3.8 million people are using social media. That represents close to half of the world’s population. Needless to say, this number will continue to grow as the effects of the Covid 19 virus remain with us. Now, more than ever, social media is an important tool for people and businesses to connect with each other. If your goal is to be a leader in the moving and storage industry, then you must create and maintain a strong social media presence.

How to Reach, Engage, & Retain a Social Media Following

The process of creating and cultivating a social media presence can be time consuming and overwhelming.  Retaining the services of social media professionals, such as Moving Company Marketers, may be the best option for your moving company. But whether you decide to leave it to the pros or go it alone, there are few basic social media strategies that can leverage your success.

Be a community resource.

  • Instead of treating each post as an opportunity to make a sale, focus on being a resource to members of your community who are planning a move. You might post a list of the top ten mistakes movers make or a how-to article on running a successful moving sale. This type of content establishes your moving and storage company as an expert in the industry.

Be eye-catching.

  • Post content that is interesting and compelling at first glance. Your potential customers will see numerous posts daily on social media. Make your posts stand out by adding good quality photographs, short, interesting videos, and infographics. Encourage your readers to interact with your page by posing a question and encouraging responses or taking a poll on a trending topic in the moving and storage world.

Be SEO Optimized.

  • Don’t forget to optimize your social media pages. Use keywords and phrases that your target moving and storage customers are likely to use in a search. These keywords should appear in the title of your page and in the description of your business. You should also use your keywords and phrases throughout the content of your posts. Strategic use of keywords and phrases means that your page is more likely to appear at the top of a search engine inquiry when a user researches moving and storage services.

Be consistent.

  • Consistency is key to becoming a household name in any service industry. Repeated exposure to the name of your moving and storage company builds awareness, familiarity, and, ultimately, trust in your brand. Decide how many times you will post per week, set up a posting schedule, and stick to it. It may help to keep a running list of interesting post topics that pop into your mind. This helps avoid last-minute scrambles for quality content on scheduled posting days.

Be realistic.

  • Make an honest assessment of how much time you can afford to commit to maintaining one or more social media accounts for your moving and storage company. Do not take on more platforms than you can reasonably keep up to date with fresh and relevant content. If a potential client comes across a social media account of yours that has had no activity for a number of months, they are likely to assume that your business no longer exists. If your social media accounts are active and thriving, the chances are that your company is too.

Social Media is one of a few fantastic ways to acquire clients online.
Many of us use social media daily. Why not allow your social media platform(s) to work for you?

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