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What Is SEO And Why Is It Important?

Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving and fine-tuning the aspects of your website that affect its search engine performance, and ultimately the volume of traffic to your site. If you neglect to work on optimizing your website, your website will not appear in search engine results and will remain hidden from your potential customers. Producing informative and timely content and publishing it on your website is an exercise in futility if it is never found by your target audience. 

Four Ways To Optimize Your Moving Company Website

Optimizing your website can seem like an overwhelming task. There are so many ranking factors to take into consideration and the search engine algorithms seem to change all the time. However, it is possible to concentrate on some SEO essential concepts and be rewarded with excellent levels of website traffic.

Here are just a few SEO tools to consider while optimizing your website:

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Use Focused Keywords And Phrases.

  • Research of the keywords and phrases your target customers are typing into their search bars is essential. Take the time to identify who your target customers are and consider what information they will be looking for on the internet. For example: customers who are preparing for a move might search for information about “reliable movers”, “moving checklists,” or “packing tips”. Once you have identified these keywords and phrases, be sure to use them in your content. This will ensure that search engines will recognize your content as relevant to your customers’ searches. It is particularly important to use your keywords in titles and headings.

Provide High-Value Content.

  • Trust is built when a customer’s expectations are met andor exceeded. Simply put, when a service is delivered as promised and the need or challenge of the customer is satisfied, trust in your brand is built. This is a process that takes time and a commitment to excellence. The benefits to your moving company can be seen in increased referrals, leads, and repeat business. 

Be Mobile-Friendly.

  • Remember that the majority of your customers will use a mobile device during their daily lives. According to a February 2020 report by Hitwise, nearly 60% of all internet searches are now performed on mobile devices. It is crucial that the content on your desktop website is formatted to display in an attractive and easy to read manner on smartphones, tablets and laptop computers. If your potential customers find your mobile presentation to be frustrating or hard to navigate, they will simply visit a different website.

Advertise Your Website On Social Media.

  • From Facebook to Instagram to Twitter;  your target customer is likely to interact with one or more social media platforms every day. You can capitalise on this by posting interesting, abbreviated snippets of the deeper content on your website. Be sure to include a hyperlink to your website and make your posts easy to share. People are more likely to read and trust the information shared by their friends on social media.

Optimize Your Website To Stand Out In The Crowd

With the huge volume of information being published on the internet every day, standing out from the crowd is becoming increasingly challenging. It may feel like you need a PhD in SEO to get your webpage to the top of the search engines, but keeping up with Google updates is the key! By concentrating on these four essential SEO concepts, you immediately begin to build your online presence helping to get your moving company website in front of your target customers.

Let the experts at Moving Company Marketing work with your website to either completely rebuild it for you, or enhance the current setup. It is vital every moving company we work with has a properly optimized mover website! Do you need help with your website? Fill out the information form below and Josh, our Head Rhino in Charge, will be in contact with you. You will be sent our Movers’ Marketing Cheat Sheet and able to schedule your marketing audit with Josh.

Moving Marketing Company Services

Category: Marketing Published: August 3, 2020

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