Make your Moving Company’s Good Reputation a Priority

The Power Of Online Reviews

Yelp, The Better Business Bureau, Foursquare, Facebook, Google My Business… There are numerous platforms out there where moving clients can leave you a flattering or not so flattering review. Research shows that 92% of consumers read online reviews and 88% of consumers trust online reviews from strangers as much as personal recommendations. With the high visibility of customer reviews, managing and capitalizing on your online reputations are critically important.

Take The Time To Cultivate Positive Feedback

A strong track record with plenty of positive customer reviews does not happen overnight. It is something that you will need to work on building over time. Here are some steps to building your online arsenal of positive reviews. 

  1. Constantly provide an outstanding moving experience for your customers to the best of your ability. We all know things break at times and things happen that are out of our control while moving. Such issues do not necessarily mean a bad review. How you handle these things makes all the difference in the world when looking for a review.
  2. Actively pursue good reviews. If you wait for satisfied customers to write a good review, you could be missing out on a lot of good press. Remember that people are busy, especially if they have just moved, and leaving a good review might not be at the top of their to-do list.
  3. Respond to reviews

    Increase the likelihood of customers writing a review by taking a few simple steps:
  • Ensure that sales people are planting the suggestion early on in the process. Have sales people remind customers often that your company takes reviews very seriously and that you will use their feedback to improve your service.
  • Touch base with all clients within a few days of their move being completed. Confirm that their moving experience was a good one and ask them to leave you a review. You can make this process easier for clients by emailing or texting them a direct link to your review page.
  • Make an inventory of past clients who have not left a review and take the time to contact them and ask them if they would be willing to leave you a review.
  • Be sure to respond to good and bad reviews when you get them. People will appreciate that you read what they had to say and took the time to acknowledge and respond.

How To Deal With A Bad Review

Bad reviews happen. It’s just part of doing business in the service industry. How you react to a bad review is what will distinguish you from your competitors. The best way to deal with a bad review is to respond to it…..quickly! The longer you ignore a bad review, the more negative feelings grow and the more people the unsatisfied customer will complain to.

Once you receive a bad review:

  • Reach out in person to the customer to let them know that you have seen their feedback.
  • Be prepared to really listen. Let the customer vent if necessary. You may be surprised at what you find out  about your moving service if you listen with the intention of learning from your mistakes.
  • Ask what you can do to make it right; and be prepared to do so. You may find that many customers will be satisfied with an acknowledgment of what happened and a sincere apology.
  • Once you have repaired the relationship with your customer, ask if they would be willing to edit or add an update to their review.

Reviews-Both Good & Bad- are A Valuable Resource

The information given by customers in reviews is a valuable resource. Good reviews let you know what you are doing right and what customers appreciate about the service you provide. This information can be used in your marketing efforts to let potential customers know what you do well and to highlight your strengths.

Bad reviews are a valuable source of information. They let you know how you can make your service even better and how you can avoid repeating mistakes in the future. You can only address and correct what is brought to your attention and how you respond to a bad review says a lot about the integrity of your moving company.

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