Organic Seo: What You Should be Doing NOW

Organic SEO & Your Moving Company's Success

As the owner of a moving company, you know how important it is to have potential customers find and spend time on your website. Your website is where they will find information about your products and services. If you are not getting high levels of traffic to your website, it may be time to implement an organic SEO campaign.

Organic SEO, also known as free SEO, refers to digital methods employed to improve the visibility of your website on search engine results. A staggering 75% of all internet information seekers do not click past the first page of results displayed on a search engine. If your webpage is not ranking on that first page of results, most of your potential customers will never see your website. Essentially, without proper SEO techniques, your company becomes invisible. 

Improving Your Moving Company Website’s Organic SEO: It’s a Process

Like any long-term process, there are steps involved in boosting your website and organic SEO:

Concentrate On High-Quality Content.

  • The Google search algorithm is updated on a regular basis to reward the websites that provide the highest quality content to searchers. It also ranks websites based on how well they fulfill a searcher’s request for information. Providing relevant and current information including solving potential customer problems will result in higher search result rankings.

Include Keywords And Phrases.

  • Take the time to research the keywords and phrases used most frequently by your target customers. Once you have identified these words and phrases, use them often in your content. It is particularly important to add them in titles and headings. Search engines use your keywords and phrases to judge how well your website content matches your potential customer’s search. If your keywords match up to a search, your website will show up at or near the top of search engine results.

Incorporate Multimedia Items Into Your Content.

  • The use of things such as pictures, graphs, charts, videos, and maps will make your website more attractive to search engines and can give you a competitive ranking edge over other moving company websites. Interesting and well-presented content will also encourage your potential clients to stay longer on your website; thus increasing the likelihood of making the sale.

Build Internal Links.

  • These are the links that allow readers to click from one relevant page to another while still on your website. Allowing readers to easily move from page to page will increase the time a reader stays on your website, and this in turn signals to the search engines that your site contains high-quality content.

Build Backlinks.

  • Also known as inbound links, backlinks are links on other websites that direct readers to your website and content.  They are very valuable in terms of SEO as they are a validation of the quality of your content from a third party. Backlinks can be natural or manually obtained. Manually obtained links require an effort on your part to contact other websites and ask them to link to your content. Natural links occur when another website owner reads your material and judges it to be valuable enough to link to. Natural links are the most valuable type of backlink

Getting Started

Even though organic SEO does not have a direct dollar cost associated with it, it does require a commitment in terms of time, patience, and consistency. Higher search engine rankings do not happen overnight. Improving your moving company website’s organic SEO is a process, but it is a process that will reward you with increased website rankings and higher levels of website traffic without the pay-per-click charges of paid SEO.

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Category: Marketing Published: August 3, 2020

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