Google Ads for Moving Companies:
They Don’t Have to Be Expensive!

Getting the Most for your Company's Google Advertising Dollars

Google Ads is an online advertising platform that allows you to create advertisements that will reach potential customers right when they are searching for the moving services that you provide. Google Ads is a PPC (pay per click) advertising platform, which means you only pay when you get a result eg. a customer clicks through to your website or makes a call to your business. Although potentially effective, Google Ads can be an expensive method of advertising your moving company if not set up effectively. If a potential customer clicks through to your website from a Google Ad, you will pay for that click. 

If potential customers who click on your website do not turn into actual customers, you will pay for each wasted click, making your Google Ad very expensive. If the correct potential customer clicks through to your website and is converted into an actual customer, however, you have now lowered the cost of that ad. Converted customers in a way pay for the advertising expense. 

The experts at Moving Company Marketing have compiled a list of the three most impactful steps that you can take right now to ensure that you are reaching the correct customers and are getting the best return on your advertising dollars with Google Ads.

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Three Ways to Lower the Cost of Google Ads

Make sure that your keywords match the needs of your potential customers.

Take the time to do plenty of keyword research. What are the words or phrases most commonly typed into search engines by customers looking for local moving companies or local moving services? Make sure that your ad headline contains these words and phrases and that they also appear again in the body of your ad.

Use negative keywords.

Negative keywords are words that warn Google Ads when a search query is not relevant to the services that you are offering. Negative keywords prevent your ad from appearing and potentially costing you a click through that will not result in a sale. For example, you may want to use the negative keyword “uHaul”. This will ensure that your ad does not appear to customers who are looking for resources to manage and carry out their move themselves. 

Pay attention to your location settings.

Is your ad showing up and costing you clicks in areas or towns that your moving company does not service? Google Ads location targeting lets your ad appear only in the geographic area that you choose. You can refine your area by county, town or even radius around your business. As you further refine your Google Ads strategy, you can prevent your ad showing in areas that have historically resulted in a low conversion rate from click to sale.

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Of course there  are many more tools and techniques for getting the best return from Google Ads. Some of these include:

  • Managing the time of day your ads run 
  • Anticipating seasonal fluctuations in business 
  • Proper grouping of keywords and phrases 
  • Proper tracking, analysis of and reaction to the results of your campaign

Moving Company Marketing has industry experts who can help you design, launch and manage a Google Ads campaign for your local moving company that will get results!

Moving Company Marketing is currently available to take on exclusive clients in select regional areas. If you would like to be considered as a client, we advise that you act today!

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Moving Marketing Company Services

Category: Marketing Published: August 3, 2020

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