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Meet Josh - The RHINO - MCM Visionary

Digital marketing changed my life. As a lifelong personal trainer and nutritional coach, I loved helping individuals make gains in their fitness and health. Then I found digital marketing. Everyone knows marketing has been around forever and is continually evolving, no exception with the digital world and marketing on the internet. Five years of learning and changing and Moving Company Marketing is the epicenter of this growth. Applying everything we ever found to work, systemizing it, and delivering it to moving companies around the country became THE GOAL in my head. Some people called me crazy. Many said it’s just too competitive. When I asked Tommy, owner of Best In Broward Movers, long-standing client, and a good friend if he thought I could dominate the country with one mover in every geographical city, he said, “If you can do what you did for my business in South Florida (Fort Lauderdale), you could do it for others!” Then he said the magic words, “I want to help you help these moving companies too.” I was hooked!

You see, the moving industry is flooded with Brokers and Lead Providers. Still, so many moving companies fail to grow their Brand Authority. Organic moving jobs are the target. Recurring Real Estate referrals are the lifeblood of a robust moving brand. This is not purchased, yet continually earned through proper Brand Building, Content Creation, and Positioning. Moving Company Marketing isn’t just another advertising agency; we specialize in creating powerful, lasting Moving Companies. Generational wealth. If you own a moving company and work with the highest ethics, we want to get to know you! Our team goal is to help 100 moving companies around the country. We have an Exclusive agreement to just work with one business in each geographical location – MCM will take over America’s Mover Marketing!! 

Moving Marketing Company Services
Moving Marketing Company Services

Tommy - Master Of Moving

The moving business captivated Tommy and his family ever since he could remember. With the importance of doing a GREAT job having been taught to him from a very early age; his ethical approach made his moving company- Best in Broward- soar, making him a Top Dog in South Florida. Almost 3 years ago, Josh found Tommy on Facebook & the story of Moving Company Marketing begins. Best In Broward Movers was just getting its traction in North Lauderdale, Florida with hard work and word of mouth. Digital Marketing? Yes, Tommy had an “okay” website, but he was not focusing on digital marketing. The relationship between Josh and Tommy got off to a slow start. With so many other digital marketers having let Tommy down, Tommy was questioning if he picked the right marketing company.

Persistence, Communication, and Results really showed Tommy that Josh and his desire to win was truly that of a Rhino. Tommy’s business, Best In Broward Movers, is a fully organic Moving Company machine. Anybody will tell you that knowledge about how to operate a moving company only comes from someone who has put in the work and sat in the movers’ seat. Josh was never a mover, but Tommy grew up in the moving industry. After working with Josh for well over 2 years, Tommy ecstatically agreed to Josh’s proposition to be the Master of Moving with Moving Company Marketing.

Tommy seeks to educate and uphold the highest moving ethics in our Moving Company Marketing adventure. We are a family, bonding our MCM Movers around the country. Tommy will mostly be on the phone with our movers and chatting inside our Secret Facebook group. Tommy always knew he was going to be a mover, but he had no idea the impact he was about to actually have on the moving industry!

Nancy - Well Educated Content Developer

When I began my professional working life, I started as a teacher. With four years of undergraduate studies and two years earning my master’s degree in educational leadership, I saw myself being nowhere else but in a classroom. My husband became a digital marketer and had a never-ending need for quality content. After months of “correcting” the content he paid for multiple times over, I was frustrated and so was he. I worked with him and studied to learn about digital marketing and search engine optimization. I looked into the Google algorithms and researched how to combine SEO strategies with quality content. I then decided to begin my own content business to provide other businesses with quality content. The content I create is different as it is designed to speak to both Google “bots” and potential customers all at once. My content is rich in keywords, but also flows easily for high readability. 

Moving Company Marketing is ideal because it has allowed me to focus specifically on the area of moving, making me a content expert in the field. Knowing the ins and outs of the content I am writing helps focus my work. This creates a much more genuine flow as I address potential needs moving customers may have. 

The teacher within me is still very much alive and well; however, my papers nowadays are of a much different type. 

Moving Marketing Company Services
Moving Marketing Company Services

Category: Marketing Published: August 3, 2020

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